How to order & design primers


All primers for a given plasmid will be found in a SINGLE Google Sheet per plasmid.

Primer ordering on IDT

Work in progress - ideally will be able to add shortcode for primer ordering.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Google Sheet for the plasmid for which you wish to create primers
    1. Find plasmid in database
    2. Locate plasmid file in Cianfrocco Lab Google Drive Plasmid Folder
    3. The Google Sheet with primers for a given plasmid will have the same name as the plasmid file, but with the extension '_primers.gsheet'
      • For instance, for the file: MC-B00002_pCDNA3_myc_KHC-1.sbd
      • The primer Google Sheet will be named: MC-B00002_pCDNA3_myc_KHC-1_primers.gsheet
      • If creating a new Google Sheet, make sure to create using the 'Primer Template'
        • In Google Drive, go to New > Sheet > Create from Template
        • You will find the template under the 'Basics' category called 'Primer template Google Sheet'
        • Name new google sheet with extension _primers
        • Make sure to start systematic name, using plasmid name + p**** such as MC-B00002-p001 for primer #1.
        • Don't forget! Add link to primer database from plasmid database Google Sheet under Primer spreadsheet
  2. Open plasmid file in Seqbuilder
    • If you don't have SeqBuilder talk to Mike or Tony - there is a U of M license for this software
  3. Design primers!
    • Add all primers into database, as well as any other information that other lab members could use if they wanted to use the primer again in the future